Governance of Community Vox

Community Vox is a Community Interest Company, registered in April 2019, company registration number 11960545.

The directors are:

Anna Tabbush

Anna Tabbush is the Artistic Director of Community Vox CIC: a team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals which runs a number of fun, accessible singing events every year. As well as masterminding the events she also leads workshops at most of them. Anna co-founded SingFest in 2007 with fellow choir leader Rod Edbrooke. It started as a party for the choirs they were involved in and has grown over the years into the mini festival it is today. 

Anna is a well-established choir leader, published composer & arranger, singer & multi-instrumentalist living in rural West Sussex with her daughter and crazy spaniel. She runs a number of community choirs including Guildford Vox and Horsell Community Choir. When she isn’t performing, creating or teaching music you can usually find her walking in the woods near her home.

Barry Pollard

Barry enjoyed singing with Guildford Vox and found out about SingFest through Anna Tabbush. Turning up the first time in 2007 as a steward, not knowing what to expect, Barry was warmly welcomed into the SingFest tribe and has never left. Since then, he has been a steward or head steward every year and likes to think he has had a (mostly) positive influence by calling the odd dance and singing the even odder song around the campfire.

For Community Vox Barry is responsible for keeping company records, policies and other documentation up to date as well as enjoying stewarding different events to get people singing together.  In the ‘real world’ Barry has been a student (several times), research scientist, administrator and teacher, as well as running a business playing boardgames. In his spare time Barry enjoys dancing a bit, currently with a new morris side Quaggy Morris, folking it up at small festivals and Folk Camps, and looking for his next ‘career’ move.

Peter Rendle

Peter cannot sing. His wife dragged him to ChoirFest 2008 (which later became SingFest) where he met an amazing group of enthusiastic people and helped out some stewards by doing washing up while they went off to sing.  Returning in 2009 as the non-singing steward he has continued to support SingFest by heading up the catering, supplies and logistics. He is usually found in the Chicken Shed at Mellow Farm getting things ready for the BBQ together with the amazing team of stewards. 

In his day job Peter works for a Global Financial Services company enabling software developers as part an Agile DevOps team.  When not working Peter enjoys cooking and tinkering with computers. His favourite food is cheese.

Ross Adamson

Ross first came to SingFest in 2007 and loved it so much he signed up to be a steward the following year. Since then he has attended virtually every SingFest taking up the head steward role several times. Alongside the great team of stewards he has helped develop the stewarding role and key processes for the successful running of SingFest. Ross supports the web presence and communication procedures for Community Vox as well as continuing his stewarding commitments.

Outside of his involvement with Community Vox, Ross is a lecturer in media studies and creative writing at the University of Brighton. Whilst continuing as a lecturer he is also now turning his hand towards ‘Community supported agriculture’ through a traineeship programme and volunteering at an organic growing project just outside Brighton called Fork and Dig It. In his spare time he is a regular singer with the Brighton Shape Note group and is a keen morris dancer with Brighton Morris and Harry Taylor’s Morris.

Amanda Welsh

Amanda thought she’d give SingFest a “go” in 2010 as some friends and fellow choir members were going along – and has been hooked ever since: “It really is the highlight of the year and I have cut short family holidays to get back in time for it”.  She loved it so much that she joined the stewarding team the following year and then the committee a couple of years after that, volunteering for the exciting job (to her) of recording the SingFest and then Community Vox accounts. 

Amanda is the finance administrator for a national charity for part of the week and works in an office for the rest.  Otherwise she tends to go walking, cycling or climbing, and eats too much chocolate.